A Work Injury Caused Severe Pain

I used to work at an ice cream distribution center. I worked in the warehouse part, which meant I was loading trucks for eight hours a day. The trucks would back into the bay, which was where our deep freezer was. I would lift boxes that weigh up to 90 pounds each all day long. One day, I lifted one, and I felt something go in my back. I dropped the box, and I fell to the ground in pain. My boss wanted me to see a doctor, but I opted to go to a chiropractor in San Jose CA instead.

I knew that whatever was wrong was in my back, and it just made sense to go to a doctor who takes care of that area of the body. I had no idea which one to go to because there are several within driving distance of my house. I looked at the websites of the different chiropractors, and I really liked the one for Pineda Chiropractic. I liked reading about her interest in the chiropractic area even before she became a chiropractor herself. She was involved in a work injury like me, so I knew she would be able to relate.

I was able to get in to her office the following day. She was very gentle with her examination, but it was still extremely thorough. She could tell exactly where the pain was, and she gave me my first adjustment right there on the spot. I could feel such relief when she did, and I had my first glimmer of hope that I was going to recover from this. I saw her for three months, usually twice a week, for adjustments and massages, and the difference is night and day. I actually feel better now than I did even before my injury. That experience made me realize I wanted to go back to school so I could help people too, which is why I no longer work at the ice cream plant!