Benefits of Jogging for your Health

how-to-lose-weight-joggingConducting run time when the morning is something that is useful for the body. Where the body after the break at bedtime, and as a dress rehearsal for the organs with the run will improve the performance of existing organs within the body itself. And now the morning run activities seems to have become a life style or life style most people
Benefits of running in the morning is very diverse, including the
1. Strengthens bone condition. Doing jog regularly will make you protected from bone loss or osteoporosis. Your bones will remain strong until old age. This is because when doing a morning run, the bones will make the bones become more dense and make your heart healthier. This is because the flow of blood to the heart becomes smooth. With the blood flow smoothly, then the heart rate will also be more smoothly.
2. In women jog is to make the body become more relaxed and can make your menstrual cycle becomes more smoothly. Women of course want to have a beautiful figure. By doing regular morning run, it will make the body become more ideal. Do a morning run will also make the menstrual cycle becomes more smoothly. So, if you have a problem on your menstrual cycle, then you can go jogging regularly. Of course it can be used as a panacea for making cyclic menstrual become normal again.
3. Run the morning can make you avoid damage to the eye. This can happen if you do a morning run of at least 56 KM within 1 week. This routine will feel the benefits when you turn age 50 years.
Similarly, information about the benefits of running in the morning may be the inspiration for your body is always healthy and strong