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Why Fitness Should be Your First Focus

Modern Americans have extremely busy schedules from day to day. If you have kids and a full-time job, it might seem like all you ever do is wake up, get the kids to school, work, pick the kids up, and repeat the next day. With so much to do, it is easy to cut out the things that seem unimportant, such as making sure to get to the gym. Here’s a few reasons why your fitness regimen should first in life.

Decrease the Risk of Disease

According to data from the University of Minnesota, regular physical activity and fitness are critical in helping decrease your risk of disease. Citing information from The American Journal of Preventative Medicine, the better your fitness is the higher the chances are that you can fight off deadly disease and increase your life span by up to five years in the process. The list of diseases whose occurrence can be reduced with better fitness includes heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, and breast and colon cancer.

Improve Emotional Health

Greater physical fitness isn’t just about boosting your physical health and warding off diseases. With proper fitness, you can improve your emotional health as well. A lack of physical activity is often associated with increased risks for anxiety, stress, depression, and even premature death.

Start Looking Better

Combating disease and preventing emotional distress are important benefits of fitness, but there’s also the improvements you can enjoy in your physical appearance from exercise. By following a focused fitness regimen you can lose weight, shed fat, improve muscle strength and ability, and build the body you’ve always wanted.

Out of this, you’ll find a number of benefits that improve your life overall. When you get yourself into better shape, you’ll notice that your energy levels are higher, meaning you can do all of those things on your task list each day. You’ll have more energy to play with your kids, conquer the work day, and still workout at night.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if you have children you’ll be setting a positive example for them when it comes to physical fitness. During the past two decades alone, there has been a significant increase in obesity in the United States. As sad as the facts on adult obesity are, 33.8% of all adults, it is even more depressing to know that 12.5 million children and adolescents aged 2 to 19 are now obese.

Turn Your Fitness Expenses Into Gains

Getting into shape is not a cheap endeavor. We all know that getting into shape not only takes time, but it costs money.

Between the equipment, personal training, diet regimen, healthier food, clothing upgrades, and clothing replacement due to resizing (either up or down, depending on your current status/future goals), getting into better shape definitely requires a financial investment. While you are really in this for optimizing your health, so financial outlay at this juncture should not be of great concern, it would be nice to get some of that cash back. After all, those protein bars are pretty darn expensive.

But how do you turn your personal fitness expenses into cash? Clever tax returns. Take some time and get to know your local tax specialist and you will find that there are ways for you to turn your expenses into deductions when it comes tax time.

Sure, it isn’t the most immediate way to get money back from something, but I challenge you to find a quicker, more surefire way. Filing taxes with deductions for your fitness expenses is a sure way to get some of your cash back.

Here are some hints when you go in to talk to your tax accountant. Find a business that you are involved in where these expenses could potentially be part of the business expense. For example, are you a personal trainer? You must invest in equipment, clothing, gym memberships, healthy food, protein bars, and more to keep your business going! That was the low-hanging fruit. You may also have to get more creative. For example- are you a writer? Are you doing research on gym behavior and needed to buy a membership to have access to gym members? That can be a business expense, too!

So long as it’s all true and real, your accountant can save you over a $1,000 on gym-related expenses.

A Work Injury Caused Severe Pain

I used to work at an ice cream distribution center. I worked in the warehouse part, which meant I was loading trucks for eight hours a day. The trucks would back into the bay, which was where our deep freezer was. I would lift boxes that weigh up to 90 pounds each all day long. One day, I lifted one, and I felt something go in my back. I dropped the box, and I fell to the ground in pain. My boss wanted me to see a doctor, but I opted to go to a chiropractor in San Jose CA instead.

I knew that whatever was wrong was in my back, and it just made sense to go to a doctor who takes care of that area of the body. Continue reading

What could a herbalist do for you?

A top-to-toe MOT and a natural prescription could be the answer to all your health and wellbeing concerns. Ellie Moss kickstarts a new healthy regime with the help of medical herbalist Lucy Stephens

The January guilt trip hit hard after my Christmas indulgence. Mince pies, mulled wine, boxes of chocolate: I’d consumed them all by the bucket load! My skin looked tired and dehydrated and I felt bloated and sluggish at best. So, I jumped at the chance to see medical herbalist Lucy Stephens for some much-needed advice on how to get the new year off to a healthier start.

What is a medical herbalist?

It sounds intriguing, but what does a medical herbalist actually do? ‘A medical herbalist uses the active compounds present in plants to exert a physiological effect on the body,’ says Lucy. ‘Herbal medicine is particularly good for skin conditions, female and reproductive health, gut problems, anxiety and mood changes.’

The consultation

Lucy kicked off the session by asking me if there were any particular areas of concern I had in terms of my health. My major issues were dry skin and hair, bloating and a few too many Christmas pounds! She went through each system of the body individually and asked if I had any issues in these areas as well as taking a closer look at my diet.

Time for change

To improve the condition of my skin and hair, Lucy recommended upping my intake of omega-3, taking my daily dose from 80mg to 2000mg. She also suggested I eat more oily fish such as salmon.

After looking at my diet (which I thought had been quite healthy that week!) she explained that I’m eating too much sugar in the mornings, particularly for someone who sits at a desk all day. Lucy recommended dropping my usual cereal and mid-morning banana and replacing them with eggs for breakfast and nuts as a snack. She also suggested that I might be /craving/ the sugary foods (including fruit) that I eat as snacks and that I should try to cut back on these – or even cut them out altogether.

My diet is also lacking in protein (a surprise to me, as I really love meat and fish) and leafy green vegetables such as kale, according to Lucy. Lucy is an advocate of the paleo diet, which mimics the eating habits of our ancestors. It’s about focusing on protein and vegetables and avoiding grains and dairy, and Lucy thought it would be a good option for me. This approach, Lucy said, would help me to lose some weight, get me eating the kinds of foods my diet is lacking and potentially help with bloating issues. She also said that if the paleo diet didn’t help with bloating, there were other avenues we could explore to alleviate the problem, and recommended taking a probiotic supplement.

Finally, she recommended going to the gym in the morning rather than the evening and working out on an empty stomach, since I’m looking to lose a few pounds, rather than loading up beforehand.

My verdict

I was surprised at Lucy’s comments on my sugar intake and my lack of protein and green vegetables – and I’m keen to make big improvements in these areas.

Lucy helpfully suggested embracing elements of the paleo diet rather than prescribing it as a strict regime, which was a relief to me as I wondered whether I’d be able to stick to such a huge change to my eating habits. It was great to be given suggested improvements to my nutrition rather being prescribed a strict diet.

The recommendation to take a good-quality omega-3 supplement for my skin and hair was interesting; I have recently been taking silica supplements with little to no effect, so I’m eager to see what omega-3 can do for me.

Overall, I was impressed with Lucy’s clear and practical advice. Sitting down and talking to a qualified professional face-to-face gives you a great opportunity to take a step back from your usual routine and look at every element of your health. It’s like a total-body MOT, with natural solutions. I’ll be giving her suggestions a go for the next week or so and will report back on my progress.

My Mouth and Teeth Feel Great Again

I have been really lazy about going to the dentist on a regular basis. Because of that, I found myself in pain and needing help for my teeth a couple of months ago. I did not have a regular dentist that I have a history with, so I had to do a search on Albuquerque apicoectomy to find someone I would feel comfortable with. I had to have this same procedure done in the past when I ignored the state of my teeth for years, and I had a feeling I would need the exact same help with my new tooth problem, too.

I found someone with a practice right around the corner from my house. I think this is great because it means I will be close enough to home to either walk or ride the bus after any major work, rather than needing someone else to drive me. Continue reading

Lose weight with fitness

09_FemaleWeightLiftIs it true that by doing fitness can lose weight? Because, by doing fitness quite effective in burning calories in your body. In addition, most people who do fitness just to get proportional body shape when fitness not only serves to form an ideal body alone but fitness is very effective in reducing excess fat in the body so that the body will be healthy and protected from various kinds of diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes etc.

Talking about fitness certainly will not be separated from the use of fitness equipment. The fitness equipment is a tool to assist us in getting the body shape proportional. Here is a fitness exercises using fitness equipment that you can do to lose weight and burn calories in the body.


Treadmill exercise is a tool that is often used in fitness centers like Gym. However, many people end up buying sports equipment by himself in his house, including a treadmill. Treadmill is a device used to walk or run in the same place. Treadmill fitness equipment can be used for walking and jogging. Typically these tools have many kinds, ranging from which only has one function to which has numerous functions. Its use also bermaca, ranging from manual way, magnetic, up electrically.


Stepmill is almost the same fitness equipment such as treadmills, but the tool is shaped escalator. For beginners who use these tools will certainly choose a difficulty, since this tool has a mechanism to defy gravity. However, if you are already proficient in using it, then practice using this tool will be a powerful way to burn fat and calories contained in your body.


Stationary bike

Stationary bike is a fitness tool that is shaped like a bicycle usefulness is also similar to the bike. This tool is safe enough to strengthen the lower part of the body such as legs, thighs, hips and hamstrings. Stationary bike with consistent use can strengthen the heart and lungs, increasing the ability of the body to the proper functioning of oxygen, lowering blood pressure, and heart, as well as improving the function of the respiratory organs.


barbell is used fitness equipment for weight training and weightlifting, burbel function is to strengthen the muscles in your arms and chest muscles back muscles. This Burbel many kinds ranging from the size of 1.2 meters to 2.4 meters above.

Similarly, information about equipment – fitness equipment and functionality hopefully can provide additional references and information you in exercising.

Benefits of Jogging for your Health

how-to-lose-weight-joggingConducting run time when the morning is something that is useful for the body. Where the body after the break at bedtime, and as a dress rehearsal for the organs with the run will improve the performance of existing organs within the body itself. And now the morning run activities seems to have become a life style or life style most people
Benefits of running in the morning is very diverse, including the
1. Strengthens bone condition. Doing jog regularly will make you protected from bone loss or osteoporosis. Your bones will remain strong until old age. This is because when doing a morning run, the bones will make the bones become more dense and make your heart healthier. This is because the flow of blood to the heart becomes smooth. With the blood flow smoothly, then the heart rate will also be more smoothly.
2. In women jog is to make the body become more relaxed and can make your menstrual cycle becomes more smoothly. Women of course want to have a beautiful figure. By doing regular morning run, it will make the body become more ideal. Do a morning run will also make the menstrual cycle becomes more smoothly. So, if you have a problem on your menstrual cycle, then you can go jogging regularly. Of course it can be used as a panacea for making cyclic menstrual become normal again.
3. Run the morning can make you avoid damage to the eye. This can happen if you do a morning run of at least 56 KM within 1 week. This routine will feel the benefits when you turn age 50 years.
Similarly, information about the benefits of running in the morning may be the inspiration for your body is always healthy and strong

Benefit Of Nutrition For Your Body

image_galleryNutrients are substances in food that are needed for the organism to grow and develop properly in accordance with its function.

Nutrients in adequate amounts and in accordance with the requirements will provide energy for the body to be able to grow and expand and repair damaged tissue. Nutritional deficiencies will make the body of the organism does not grow and develop properly, it can even cause disease to end in death. Disruption of the body’s metabolic processes an early symptom of nutritional deficiencies.

Nutrients obtained from the breakdown of food by the digestive system. and often called by the term food juices. Nutrients are divided into 2 groups, ie macronutrients and micronutrients.

1. Nutrition macronutrients are nutrients that are in need of the body in large amounts and usually serves as a source of energy

2. Micronutrients are nutrients that the body needs in small amounts and serve to support the body’s metabolic processes. are included in micronutrients are:

Although almost all types of foods contain at least one or all types of macronutrients, but not all foods containing micronutrients. Therefore both of these foods should be in the mix so obtained nutrients needed body. Nutrients in adequate amounts and in accordance with the requirements will provide energy for the body to be able to grow and expand and repair damaged tissue. Nutritional deficiencies will make the body of the organism does not grow and develop in accordance with its destiny, it can even cause disease to end in death. Disruption of the body’s metabolic processes an early symptom of nutritional deficiencies.

Nutrients have important functions with each other to support each other and work together to keep the body in order to be able to obtain supplies is needed. Some types of nutrients can be a substitute for the other. Although this is not recommended by health experts. The nutritional requirements must be fulfilled by the relevant nutrients. To avoid things that are not in want. Here are some functions of nutrients for the body.

Nutrition function is:

a. Energy sources

b. Supporter and regulator of metabolic processes

c. Maintain metabolic balance

d. Forming cells of body tissues

e. Repairing damaged cells

f. Maintain organ function, etc.

A fitness ritual for fat loss

Follow this fitness ritual to shed those last few pounds

Ever wondered what the most successful people on the planet do every day to keep fit and healthy? If only you could find out, emulate it and become amazing, too. Guess what? You can!

We’ve tapped into eight of the greatest fitness minds to discover which daily rituals they complete without fail. And, after spending a fortnight doing 6am sun salutations and chowing down on beetroot crisps, we’ve learnt which tricks work best for optimal living – and they’re much more manageable than you might expect.

Ritual 1: 7 minutes of yoga

This is the ritual of health guru and Emmy Award winner Dr Mehmet Oz. That’s right, the doc’s secret lies in daily flexibility sessions. He swears by yoga to decrease inflammation, reduce blood pressure and boost weight loss. If a few downward facing dogs can do all that, we’re not complaining.

Yoga translates as ‘breath control’. Ushering in the day with full diaphragmatic breathing means you are much more likely to maintain it regularly, and deep inhalation is known to boost cognitive activity, too.

So which poses to do? We opted for early-morning warriors, sun salutations and pigeons. This seemed like enough to bend ourselves healthy – and we certainly felt ready to go for the day. Don’t have a second to spare in the morning? Panic not. Nightly downward dogs and cat-cows will ease even a severe case of the office aches.

Ritual 2: Micro workouts

This one comes from model Miranda Kerr, owner of one of the most photographed bodies in the world and spokeswoman of Reebok’s new Skyscrape Runaround Shoe. ‘Even when I’m at work, if I’m in between takes waiting for the photographer to set up the shot, I’ll be like, OK I’ll do a few squats… because every little bit helps,’ she says.

Exercising little and often is one of the most effective ways to build activity into your day – no more dashing to make the gym straight after work. And another benefit of mini workouts is they take you away from your desk (unless you fancy a few walking lunges through the office?). We found it helpful to get up every hour, stroll to the water fountain, stretch our backs out or nip to the loo for a few calf raises.

Ritual 3: 200 jumping jacks

As soon as the sun creeps out over the horizon, personal trainer Ben Greenfield, who’s been voted one of the top 100 most influential people in health and fitness, can be found bouncing up and down in his shed. The reason? He’s kick-starting his lymphatic system, of course. How does that work? Well, think of the lymphatic system like a bin man. It goes around collecting metabolic rubbish and toxins then takes them to the dump – quite literally, the loo. However, the problem with the lymphatic system is that it gets blocked fairly easily unless you partake in vigorous exercise. Ben discovered this simple way to get things moving without having to tackle hill sprints upon waking.

We found jumping jacks were a quick and easy approach. Another option is rebounding on a mini-trampoline – sure to get you going in the morning!

Ritual 4: Use a standing desk

‘I built my own standing desk two years ago and I love it because I never really feel sedentary. In fact, I find that I think better standing,’ reports Anna Sward, founder of Protein Pow and the world’s leading protein powder cooking expert.

What was once deemed highly eccentric has found a place in our modern health-conscious society. According to research, ditching the desk-bound monotony by standing while you work increases life expectancy, expends extra calories and boosts brain power.

We went down the DIY route, too, improvising with a stack of vintage Women’s Fitness editions under our computer. After two weeks we definitely felt less sedentary, but we also found that standing in one position all day hurts. The solution? As prolonged periods of anything have a negative effect, spicing up your desk activity will ultimately lead to the best results. So be inventive – stand on one leg or squat and hold, for example.

Ritual 5: Morning mindfulness

‘It sounds cheesy, but I take five minutes in the morning to think about what I’m grateful for, and what I’d like to get out of that day – it’s really important.’

These are the wise words of Katie Lowe, Fat Girl PHD (, one of the countries top wellness bloggers, with over a 250,000 clicks a year. We like to think of her ritual as ‘brain-ercise’. And the best part is it can be done anywhere – when brushing your teeth or walking to the train. So instead of stressing about your to-do list, consider the positives in your life instead.

Saying the same thing to yourself every day could become a snore-fest, though, so keep it interesting. Select a different area of life each time: whether it’s work, family or even how wonderful your exercise wardrobe is. Run through every item thinking about how much you like it and why.

And it’s not just the brain that benefits from this ritual. Research published in the Journal Of Health Psychology shows mindfulness decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, too. Who doesn’t want to be happier and less anxious?

Ritual 6: Take control of your email

An average office worker spends 28 per cent of their day emailing, according to research. What a waste! However, Tim Ferriss, multiple New York Times best-selling fitness author and tango dancing Guinness World Record holder has a clever fix: email auto responders. This system indicates that you check your inbox twice a day at specific times, letting customers, clients and colleagues know exactly when you will reply. Essentially, you are training others to communicate with you on /your/ terms.

With this protocol and a twice-daily 30-minute reply limit, we gave this a go. Believe us, your emails become the most efficient words ever typed – not to mention, they often get tidied up by others who are cc’d into the group before you get a chance to reply. Jackpot.

Ritual 7: Oil your feet

Dr Nick Delgado is a leading anti-ageing expert and prospective future world record holder for longevity. In pursuit of the record, Dr Nick goes to the extremes of hypoxic chambers and measuring brain waves. We’ll not do that just yet, but he does have one trick that we can replicate simply and without much expense: putting oil on the soles of your feet.

The reasoning behind this is that everything we put /on/ our skin is ingested and sucked straight /into/ the blood stream. Therefore it makes sense to put things onto our skin that we want inside our bodies. We chose coconut oil, partially to smell like tropical goddesses, partially because of the fat profile. Each spoonful contains EFAs required for essential body functions, in particular, lauric acid, which is found in breast milk, nature’s original superfood.


Ritual 8: Eat lots of veg


Our final ritual comes from Keris Marsden, nutritionist, health seminar host and co-presenter of Fitter London podcasts.

‘I aim to have around nine to 10 servings of vegetables across my day,’ she says. ‘My salads are epic, if I do say so myself! A salad should never just be a bowl of leaves. I top them with avocado, fresh herbs, nuts and seeds, olives, peppers, julienned vegetables, olive oil and apple cider vinegar. ’

Research indicates that the average person in the UK still only consumes four portions of fruit or veg a day. This means we are missing out on valuable phytonutrients that can reduce inflammation and protect cells against cancer.

So, like Keris, experiment a little to up your vegetable intake and keep mealtimes interesting. We tried different juices, soups, courgette noodles and vegetable crisps and increased our veggie intake easily /and/ without getting bored. Try it for yourself – your health and taste buds will thank you for it!

So there you have it: eight people, eight rituals – each of them completely manageable. So why not try a few rituals on for size? Leo Tolstoy once said, ‘True life is lived when tiny changes occur’, and we couldn’t agree more. Yes, these changes are small, but the potential impact on your life is enormous.