Lose weight with fitness

09_FemaleWeightLiftIs it true that by doing fitness can lose weight? Because, by doing fitness quite effective in burning calories in your body. In addition, most people who do fitness just to get proportional body shape when fitness not only serves to form an ideal body alone but fitness is very effective in reducing excess fat in the body so that the body will be healthy and protected from various kinds of diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes etc.

Talking about fitness certainly will not be separated from the use of fitness equipment. The fitness equipment is a tool to assist us in getting the body shape proportional. Here is a fitness exercises using fitness equipment that you can do to lose weight and burn calories in the body.


Treadmill exercise is a tool that is often used in fitness centers like Gym. However, many people end up buying sports equipment by himself in his house, including a treadmill. Treadmill is a device used to walk or run in the same place. Treadmill fitness equipment can be used for walking and jogging. Typically these tools have many kinds, ranging from which only has one function to which has numerous functions. Its use also bermaca, ranging from manual way, magnetic, up electrically.


Stepmill is almost the same fitness equipment such as treadmills, but the tool is shaped escalator. For beginners who use these tools will certainly choose a difficulty, since this tool has a mechanism to defy gravity. However, if you are already proficient in using it, then practice using this tool will be a powerful way to burn fat and calories contained in your body.


Stationary bike

Stationary bike is a fitness tool that is shaped like a bicycle usefulness is also similar to the bike. This tool is safe enough to strengthen the lower part of the body such as legs, thighs, hips and hamstrings. Stationary bike with consistent use can strengthen the heart and lungs, increasing the ability of the body to the proper functioning of oxygen, lowering blood pressure, and heart, as well as improving the function of the respiratory organs.


barbell is used fitness equipment for weight training and weightlifting, burbel function is to strengthen the muscles in your arms and chest muscles back muscles. This Burbel many kinds ranging from the size of 1.2 meters to 2.4 meters above.

Similarly, information about equipment – fitness equipment and functionality hopefully can provide additional references and information you in exercising.