My Mouth and Teeth Feel Great Again

I have been really lazy about going to the dentist on a regular basis. Because of that, I found myself in pain and needing help for my teeth a couple of months ago. I did not have a regular dentist that I have a history with, so I had to do a search on Albuquerque apicoectomy to find someone I would feel comfortable with. I had to have this same procedure done in the past when I ignored the state of my teeth for years, and I had a feeling I would need the exact same help with my new tooth problem, too.

I found someone with a practice right around the corner from my house. I think this is great because it means I will be close enough to home to either walk or ride the bus after any major work, rather than needing someone else to drive me. And luckily, this nearby practice has quite a large number of fantastic reviews online. This made me feel pretty comfortable.

Because I was in so much pain, the receptionist who answered the phone said they could see me that same day. This made me pretty happy because I have had to wait in the past when dealing with other practices, despite being in pain. I also asked the receptionist if they were willing to give me laughing gas for certain procedures to help me feel more comfortable. She said that would be a definite possibility, so I made an appointment right away.

The dentist is a really pleasant guy. He made me feel very comfortable right away. He explained that I needed a root canal on two different teeth, but that he also needed to go one step further because I had allowed my teeth to get so bad. This meant that would need to cut into my gun so that he could take a look at the tissue and remove anything that was damaged and take out the root on both teeth as well. He sedated me, did the work and I was done with only three hours. I feel great now!